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The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an honorary society that recognizes and celebrates the excellence of its members and an independent research center convening leaders from across disciplines, professions, and perspectives to address significant challenges.
136 Irving Street, Cambridge, MA, USA, 02138Islam Qasem, John E. Bryson Director of Science, Engineering, and Technology Programs and Program Director for Global Security and International Affairs

Academy projects in Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) seek to strengthen the capacity of science and engineering to improve the human condition. Global challenges increasingly require collaboration across disciplinary, professional, and national boundaries, while rapid advances in information processing and transmission raise new issues for both the management of scientific and technical information and for the ability of individuals and institutions to assimilate and act on new discoveries. 

New publications from the American Academy of Arts & Sciences SET team will be available for download on the following topics:

Public Face of Science

Challenges for International Scientific Partnerships

New Models for U.S. Science & Technology Policy


Select publications from previous SET projects are also available for download at the Academy's virtual booth. To browse all Academy publications and projects, as well as to see our roster of upcoming events, please visit our website


In addition to its program work, the American Academy is known publishing for its quarterly journal, DædalusRepresenting the intellectual community in its breadth and diversity, Dædalus explores the frontiers of knowledge and issues of public importance. The Academy is pleased to announce that all Daedalus articles published since 2003 are now Open Access and available to read and download online. Dædalus essays and issues – with links to related Academy projects – are available through the American Academy’s website; issues published from 2003 to the present are also accessible through The MIT Press.


A member of the Academy's Science, Engineering, & Technology team will be available over the course of the conference to answer additional questions about the work of the SET Program Area and the Academy in general. 


Challenges for International Scientific Partnerships (CISP)

In this rapidly changing world, and in light of recent movements against globalization, international scientific collaborations can bring not only new scientific insights but also cultural, economic, and political benefits. Challenges for International Scientific Partnerships examines impediments to these collaborations and identifies potential policy changes and best practices that coul...[more]



Representing the intellectual community in its breadth and diversity, Dædalus explores the frontiers of knowledge and issues of public importance. Dædalus was founded in 1955 and established as a quarterly in 1958. The journal’s namesake was renowned in ancient Greece as an inventor, scientist, and unriddler of riddles. Its emblem, a maze seen from above, symbolizes the asp...[more]


New Models for U.S. Science and Technology Policy

Scientific and technological advances are fundamental to the prosperity, health, and security of America. Innovation and rapid integration of new knowledge and technologies emerge from investments in research and development, and rely on the partnership between universities, federal and state governments, and industry. Staying globally competitive will require a stronger partnership and a greater ...[more]


Public Face of Science

The Academy undertook the Public Face of Science initiative to explore and improve the connection between science and society in America. The project produced a trio of publications to respond to three core inquiries: 1) What do Americans think of science? Perceptions of Science in America issued in 2018 2) Where do Americans experience science? Encountering Science in America issued i...[more]


The Alternative Energy Future

Most climate and energy studies conclude that the United States will require a substantial transformation of its energy system in order to address pressing economic, environmental, and geopolitical challenges. But the widespread adoption of new energy technologies will also require a societal transformation. Through its Alternative Energy Future project, the Academy is working to develop a solid u...[more]


Open Zoom Room

Please join us on zoom using the links below to learn more about the Academy and the Science, Engineering, and Technology team's current and past projects!   Time: Feb 8, 2021 01:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)Join Zoom Meeting: ID: 899 0227 5290Passcode: 815094Dial by your location+1 312 626 67...[more]

American Academy of Arts & Sciences: Brochure

This brochure offers a brief overview of the Academy's history and current work as both a policy and membership organization.

Science, Engineering, and Technology: Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of work within the Academy's Science, Engineering, and Technology program area.

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  • The American Academy headquarters in Cambridge, MA.
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